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Sadie - lynch. - Girugamesh

NATURAL BONE KILLERS: Sadie - lynch. - Girugamesh
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To share the inter-band fun!
( Let it rock! )
Vo. Mao blog
G. Tsurugi blog
G. Mizuki blog
Ba. Aki blog
Dr. Kei blog

Vo. Hazuki radio
G. Reo
G. Yusuke
Ba. Junji (support)
Dr. Asanao 
member blog
Vo. Satoshi
G. Nii
Ba. Shuu
Dr. Яyo
band blog
staff blog
S a d i e | l y n c h . | G i r u g a m e s h | s o u n d - p r o j e c t | P r o f i l e

① All posts must include Sadie, lynch., and/or Girugamesh. Any combinations are welcome.

② When sharing media, please credit all sources in the entry.

③ Embedded videos and images wider than 400px need to be placed under a cut.

④ Do not promote fanfiction or gossip here.

⑤ Please refrain from excessive cross-posting. Chances are we're all in the same communities anyway.

⑥ When posting icons/banners/etc., please only post relevant bands.

⑦ Please limit the use of fake-cuts, links to other communities, and requiring members to join separate communities in order to view items.

⑧ This is a fan community, so remember to be polite to fellow fans and to support the bands.

Introduce Yourself:

We reserve the right to amend the rules as we see fit according the current state of the community.

* All media & graphics are copyright to their respective creators.
Sadie - Risky blog
lynch. - Zeal Link Staff blog
Girugamesh - 岡山Tower Records
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